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"Everyone is friendly and they explain anything that is needed to be explained"

- Connie

"Everyone there is great. The treatments are comfortable and the doctor spends time with you when you have a question. I would recommend anyone to get treatment there. It's as thorough as you can get to a better health."

- Bobby

"Everyone is super nice and pleasant. I have a disability and they
treat me like it is no problem."

- Dawn

"Thank you so much for taking care of me!! Thank you for explaining everything I ask questions about. Thank you 🙂 !!"

 - Lori

"I have been trying to work through lower back pain that shoots down my leg for months. I went to my primary physician and pain management and wasn't getting any better. I called East Earl Chiropractic and was truly impressed. I could not stand straight or hardly walk at all. I met Dr. Helen and now I am able to walk straight after a month. My pain went from severe to mild. Dr. Helen explained my x-rays and the MRI I had done earlier. Everything was explained to me in depth, the exercises, the treatment and why I was getting it. The education I received, I truly understand why I was in pain, Also what to do so the pain does not return. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EAST EARL CHIROPRACTIC and DR. HELEN. I will NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE. No one could compare to the level of treatment and education that I have received. THANK YOU DR. HELEN and staff. Because of them I have a quality of life."

 - Kathy

"I began with EAST EARL CHIROPRACTIC in May. I was having a lot of pain in my right leg and hip. Was told by my Doctor it's sciatica and it just takes time. With the care of the staff at East Earl and also participating in my care of doing the daily exercises, I don't have anymore pain. Praise to the Lord and THANK YOU EAST EARL STAFF for all your help."

 - Martha

"I have been involved in 3 car accidents since starting care at East Earl Chiropractic.Dr. Myers is FANTASTIC!!!!! He always explains things so that I can understand He is always pleasant and like joking around with you. The relief of pain is awesome. HE KNOWS HID STUFF. I like the education they provide through videos and classes. The staff is so friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you Dr. Myers for all you do! YOUR THE GREATEST!!!!"

 - Linda

"I have been in pain for 15 years. I can't sit long or type on my computer. My husband pushed me to come and get checked. I was very hesitant in coming. I have been to other chiropractors and I didn't want to hurt worse. After my 2nd adjustment I was able to sit with only a little pain. On my 3rd visit I was able to sit and type on my computer and without pain medicine. I do the exercise that the doctor says to do and now I FEEL NORMAL. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I know am sore and stiff only a little. THEY ARE A BLESSING!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY. NOW MY HUSBAND AND SON WILL BE COMING."

 - Redeat as told to Janell

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